Success Stories: Josh Dale
Mon, 09-01-17

What initially attracted you to work at Wall Street English Vietnam?

Genuinely - I was in a taxi, and by chance we passed the main center (LQD). I thought - that looks pretty cool, and very different to any other center I’d seen in the city! I then mentioned it to a friend, who it turns out had another friend - Ryan - who worked there. My friend introduced me to Ryan, and he had nothing but good things to say about WSE - in particular about the sociable working environment and also the diverse adult student population (teaching adults was a huge draw for me). So I decided it would be the best place in HCMC for me to begin my TEFL career.


Can you describe the journey that has led you to where you are now - as SM of Pico?

I was a teacher at Pico for 1 year, starting in April 2014, and then I transferred to Vivo center when it opened in April 2015. At Pico I became a Team Leader after a few months, and towards the end of the year I started taking on additional responsibilities in assisting the Service Manager. In March 2016 I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to return to Pico as the Service Manager.


How did your time as a Teacher help prepare you for your current role?

I got to fully understand the WSE methodology and really get to know what our students like (and dislike!), what they need, and what they struggle with. I became confident that what we offer at WSE is very effective and also unique, through watching students progress successfully through their courses. Opening a new center was also a very rewarding challenge, particularly in helping to build a new team. I developed my communication, teamwork and leadership skills by working in a dynamic center environment with several teams working towards a shared goal.


What advice would you give new teachers?

Enjoy yourself! Towards the end of the day after a long week it’s sometimes easy to forget, but as EFL Teachers we are some of the luckiest people in the world. As WSE teachers we are particularly lucky - we get to have interesting, personal interactions with some really dedicated and inspiring students, and help them on their way to improving their lives through English. Every Encounter, Complementary Class & Social Club is a new opportunity to have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself, good things will happen!

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